SilverStripe HowTo: SilverStripe Portable

(or howto run SilverStripe on a mobile storage)

Sometime you want to present a webpage somewhere, where you don't have access to the net. Additionally the lowercase tablename problem on windows is solved.

Here is the solution...

1. Download XAMPP

Please select the the ZIP-Version of XAMPPlite or XAMPP. XAMPPlite has everything thing you'll need. Checkout the feature list.

You can download the latest version for Windows or Mac from http://www.apachefriends.org/

2. Install XAMPP

Extract the zip-file to any playce you like e.g. a usb-stick. Afterwards run "setup_xampp.bat" and select the option "install without driveletter".

If you select "install with driveletter", you have to run the "setup_xampp.bat" again for updating the current path of xampp.

3. XAMPP Configuration 

You only need to take care of option to make sure having UpperCamelCase tablenames like on linux.

lower_case_table_names  = 0

For further details check out the MySQL Identifier Case Sensitivity.

4. Run XAMPP

Run \xampplite\xampp-control.exe and start the Apache and MySQL-Server.

5. Install SilverStripe

The htdocs folder is located in \xampplite\htdocs\ .

I'll think I don't have to explain this ;)